After realizing that I was going to have to file for divorce after 15 years, I felt completely lost and in shock. Luckily, a friend referred me to Darlene who she had used for her divorce. Looking back, I realize that I would not have made it through such a stressful time in my life if it wasn't for the support and help I received from Darlene. She was always available for me and I could tell that she really cared. I felt very fortunate to have her on my side and would highly recommend her to anyone who asked.

You can tell that Darlene has a heart for children. I always felt like she had my children's' best interests in mind during the handling of my custody battle. I feel very grateful for her work on my case because my kids are my life.

I LOVED having Darlene on my side as my attorney.  I almost felt sorry for the attorney representing my husband because Darlene was always one step ahead. It felt great knowing that I had an attorney who was prepared and knew her stuff!

I really appreciated the integrity and compassion that Darlene displayed during the handling of my divorce. She gives attorneys a good name!

Our family owns several properties in Santa Cruz County and we feel very fortunate to have found Darlene as our attorney. She always takes the time to respond to our questions regarding our management of the properties. She is quick, efficient and always considers the cost to the client which we greatly appreciate!

I am eternally grateful to Darlene for how she handled my divorce. She has great compassion and unlike many attorneys you can tell that she really cares about her clients.

When I first met with Darlene she seemed too nice to be an attorney! I soon realized that she was indeed nice but also tough and well respected by not only the court but the other side. I saw it as a huge advantage to having her on my side of the table!

The Law Office of Darlene R. Kemp is centrally located at 8070 Soquel Drive, Suite 120 in Aptos and is only minutes away from the courthouse located in Watsonville where all family law matters are heard in Santa Cruz County. We also serve clients in the Monterey, San Benito, Santa Clara, San Jose and greater Bay Area. (831) 688-0700 

Law Office of Darlene R. Kemp

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